Johnson Ranch Fifth Graders Win 2020 Pentabowl

Are your math skills as good as a fifth grader? Try to solve this question:

A math competition asks teams from each participating school to solve 65 word problems per match. If the winning team completes 5 matches, how many questions would they have solved by the end of the competition? 225? 275? 325? 625?

The answer is 325 questions. That’s how many the Johnson Ranch Elementary team answered to win Comal ISD’s third Math Pentabowl on Thursday.

Teams of 10 fifth graders from each of the district’s 18 elementary schools competed in the annual competition, executed virtually through Google Meet. Johnson Ranch edged Specht Elementary in the final match.

Teams were tested with STAAR-like word problems that covered 5th and 6th grade math standards. During each round, questions are taken from an envelope and dropped on the competition table when the announcer begins the round. Students take a question and record their answers on the answer document. When the time runs out, all hands must go in the air.

The Johnson Ranch team includes Connor Hutchison; Kherington Lietz; Titus Uritia; Lyla Angeles; Gio Fuentes; Garrison Weakly; Olivia Linder; Samantha Owers; Owen Hakes; Leighton Morgan; Cole Weakly and Grant Froboese. Coaches include: Vanessa Shepperd; Laurie Randall; Kimberly Slater; and Suzie Seabolt.




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