Graduation 2021: Comal ISD Graduates Choose Military Careers

June 7, 2021 - This year, more than 60 Comal ISD students have chosen to serve in the U.S. military upon graduation either as enlistees or through military academies. Seven of those students earned ROTC scholarships to continue their education and then serve. Here is a list of those graduates and the military branch of service in which they will serve.

Air Force

Canyon Lake High School

  • Benjamin Crisps
  • Gabriel Lara
Smithson Valley High School
  • Mateo Aviles
  • Hiromy Cabrera
  • Chad Heilman
  • Justin Lawhon
  • Daniel Medina
  • Jaelyn Newman
  • Connor Stevenson
  • Daniel Velasquez
  • Kasey Wheeler

Air Force Academy

Canyon High School

  • Jaden Wiser
Smithson Valley High School:
  • Amalie Mills 

Air Force Reserves

Canyon Lake High School

  • Chance Holquin


Canyon High School

  • Luke Chandler
  • Ty Christian
  • Graham Mueller
  • Charles Paullette
Canyon Lake High School
  • Serenity Garcia
  • Erin Hartman
  • Connor Vercher
Smithson Valley High School
  • David Cook
  • Kyle Elstak
  • Colby House
  • Madison Overstreet
  • Julie Schultz
  • Jaden Suarez 

Army National Guard

Canyon Lake High School

  • Madison Crowder
  • Rudy Hinojosa
  • Cody Mims
  • Dallas Stephenson
  • Maximillan Watts

Coast Guard

Smithson Valley High School

  • Isabella Beierschmitt


Canyon High School

  • Bradely Trefger
  • Cody Stone
Smithson Valley High School
  • Cole Chalkey
  • Jack Farringer
  • Roman Rudolfo
  • Justin Villarreal


Canyon High School

  • John Fielder
  • Zolan Gonzalez
  • Erminette Nobles
Canyon Lake High School
  • Sha’teal Hurta
  • Chris Klepinger
  • Karleigh Schedlbauer
Smithson Valley High School
  • Barbara Espino Corvera
  • Emile LaRose
  • Roland Rudolfo
  • Zachary Santana
  • Donald Seamster 

Texas Army National Guard

Canyon High School

  • Nathan Cantu
  • Roan Radicke
  • Jeremy Torres 

United State Military Academy West Point

  • Dennis “Trey” Moore

ROTC Scholarships Honorees

Canyon Lake High School
  • Patrick Almond, three-year scholarship from Army ROTC to Southern Methodist University
  • Lucas Garcia, three-year scholarship from Army ROTC to his school of choice
  • Jake Peters, three-year scholarship from Army ROTC to his school of choice
Smithson Valley High School
  • Anna Johnson, four-year scholarship from Army ROTC to Colorado State University
  • Alyssa Meffert, three-year scholarship from Army ROTC to Texas A&M University
  • Julie Schultz, four-year scholarship from Army ROTC to Texas A&M University
  • Conner Stevenson, four-year scholarship from Navy ROTC to Texas A&M University





-Smithson Valley High School students receiving ROTC Scholarships are pictured from left: Jack Farringer, Anna Johnson, Alyssa Meffert, Julie Schultz and Conor Stevenson.




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